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Navratri / Dussehra Craft Fun Activities For Kids


Navratri / Dussehra Craft Fun Activities For Kids

Navaratri or Navaratra is a Hindu festival of worship and dance. The word Navaratri literally means nine nights in Sanskrit

Nav = nine and Ratri = nights. It is celebrated during the period of Sarad Masi Aswin by Hindu lunar calendar, all eight days and nine nights have its importance and is divided into sets of three days to adore three different aspects of the supreme goddess or goddesses. Crafting with kids is always fun and Navratri gives us good ideas! Here are lots of Navratri /Dussehra craft fun activities for kids.

Navaratri Activities-

Navratri, the nine day Hindu festive occassion dedicated to Mother Shakti, is almost here. To make your Navratri celebrations more grand, we brings you some cool puzzle activities themed to the beautiful festival. Try these awesome Navaratri puzzle activities and spice up your festivities. Wish you a lovely festive time!

Navratri Crossword-

Navratri Phrase Matching Game-

DIY Newspaper Ecofriendly Dandiya Sticks Decoration for Navratri-

If your kids love playing garba and raas, enthuse them into dolling up their own dandiya sticks. All you need is a set of newspaper dandiya stickss, a tassel of beads or little bells, tape, multi-colored satin ribbons, stones and glue.

Gift Ideas:

Navratri is not only about singing and dancing dandiya, but it is also about exchanging gifts and presents amongst everyone. It thus at times become a tough job to decide on what to present and what item will be suitable for a specific aged people. However you need not have to worry much for we have simplified things for you so that you need not have to shed that extra sweat.


For all age groups.

Mata’s blessings in the form of “Mata ki Chunrees”, (veils or scarves that is offered to the Holy Goddess during the ceremony)

“Mata ka Chattar’ (miniature umbrellas that are decorated with various colors and sequins work on it, also used during the puja)

“Mata ke Coins”. (silver or gold coins with Holy inscriptions or Goddess’s figure)

Spiritual Songs personally compiled in a CD.

Holy Books compiled with songs, prayers and mantras that will be highly appreciated by the elders.


Mild crackers. (Should be accompanied by the elders in the family while using them)

Gift wrapped Chocolates that come in various colorful packages

Garments or apparels with a traditional Indian touch to them.

Make your own Ravana-

Ravana might have been an evil one, but he is an important part of the Ramayana. Kids can make a Ravana mask by drawing Ravana and it’s ten heads on a white construction paper and painting it. Or better still, make Ravana out of a toilet roll or paper cups, stick big moustache and eye brows using black felt paper, and a golden thrown made out of golden craft paper, poster paints and glue, something like this.

Create a wall piece with Mysore bedecked elephant-

In Mysore, they take out huge processions involving beautifully decorated elephants. How about creating the regal elephants of Mysore and turning them into a wall piece. All you need is a cardboard, felt papers in green, red, yellow or blue (or any other colour your child likes), gold ribbon, mirrors, wool or string, and glue. Draw an elephant on the cardboard and cut it out. Stick the felt papers, decorate it with ribbons and mirror/stones. Now, punch a hole at the top of the elephant, tie a thread and hang it on the wall.

Create a scene from Ramayana-

Make figurines like Ram, Lakshman, Sita, Hanuman, Ravana or Kumbhkaran out of clay or play doh. Now, create a scene from Ramayana, for instance Ashok Vatika or Panchvati by making various props like trees, flowers, deer, food, etc. from construction paper, play doh, rangoli, etc. This will be like your own golu.

Customs of Navratri-

Navratri is a major festival of India dedicated to the worship of the deity of power or Shakti. It’s a nine night long celebration. Nearly every Indian household observe this festival with utmost vigour and devotions. Many customs and rituals are associated with the celebration of this festival. Know more about the customs and traditions associated and add more purity to your devotion towards the Goddess.

Hope you like these Navratri / Dussehra Craft Fun Activities For Kids.

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